Action on Alzheimer’s & Dementia [AAD] will be holding their Dementia Awareness Week from September 21 to September 26.

A spokesperson said, “Action on Alzheimer’s & Dementia, a local charity established in 2012 to give support to people in Bermuda living with dementia, along with their families and caregivers is holding their Dementia Awareness Week from September 21st to 26th with a series of events, including Zoom speakers and two films which have now been postponed until October 19th and 20th due to Covid restrictions.”

Elizabeth Stewart, Founder and President of AAD, said, “The theme this year is ‘The Importance of a Timely Diagnosis’ and we start our week each year on World Alzheimer’s Day, which is September 21st.

“Alzheimer’s Disease International estimates that 75% of dementia cases globally go undiagnosed and that the journey to get a diagnosis is too often difficult and drawn out for people. Bermuda faces these same challenges, with families advising us that concerns about memory and ability are in some cases brushed off and not given the attention they deserve by our healthcare community.

“This is disappointing in the face of emerging breakthroughs in both treatment and diagnosis and diagnostics. We feel that everyone has the right to have their healthcare concerns taken seriously and deserve to know what is wrong with them.