Caring for someone living with dementia can be overwhelming and difficult with people often feeling alone and isolated. Here are some tips to help you through the caring journey

10 Tips for Managing Stress
  1. Maintain a positive attitude and live in the moment with the person you are caring for
  2. Acceptance is key–all you can control is how you react and adjust
  3. People can’t help if they don’t know there is a problem–be honest and open with your feelings. Share you situation with loved ones and close friends. A problem shared is a problem halved as the saying goes.
  4. Relax–taking time to breathe is so important. 1 minute of simple meditation can make you feel so much better
  5. Get moving–exercise can help reduce stress as it releases natural endorphins (feel good) into our body.
  6. Take it one day at a time–if it’s not an emergency situation, do not turn it into one
  7. Sleep is important–a good night’s rest keeps us functioning at our best
  8. Incorporate stress management techniques into your life–be social and have fun!
  9. Eat a balanced, healthful diet full of fruits, vegetables, and water
  10. Set realistic goals and go slow–life is not a race, rather, it is a journey
  11. If you feel overwhelmed when caring for someone with dementia, take 5 minutes in another room to regroup.

Connecting with others is a vital part of the caregiving equation. However, with today’s busy schedules, caregivers may not be able to find time to, or be comfortable with, attending an in-person group

This is why we continue to provide monthly support group meetings for families and caregivers of people living with dementia both in person as well as by Zoom. The meetings allow attendees to share concerns, receive advice and discuss dementia issues and trends. Visit our activity calendar for the next scheduled support group meeting here.

We have also set up a WhatsApp Group. If you could like to be added to this please email us at and provide your name and cell phone number.